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Our world was transformed overnight.

How we work, how we shop, how we spend our leisure time.  The fragility of life and the connectedness of our global ecosystem has been put to the test.  As we are rounding the curve and looking toward the future, many of us are still unsure of what’s next.  How much have our lives really changed - was this a temporary set back or is it truly a “new normal?”

Join us and our virtual panel of CRM managers to discuss how campaigns and communications have changed over the crisis and what companies are planning to do to get back to normal - whatever that normal may be. 

Our expert panel includes


Rachel Mallinson

CRM Manager, Topshop

Rachel is the CRM Manager at Topshop, with a strong background in digital and direct marketing, her goal is to build strong and engaging relationships with the brand’s customers through acquisition, personalisation and retention strategies.


Fréderique Van Den Boogaart

CRO lead, My Jewellery

Fréderique is the CRO lead at My Jewellery, a prominent player within the Dutch fashion industry which sells jewellery, apparel and accessories via brand stores, shop-in-shops and online. With a solid background in data analytics and consumer insights, her goal is to continuously improve and maximize the on-site customer journey and user experience.
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Angela Triano

CRM Director, Altar'd State

Angela, currently as the Director of CRM for Altar’d State, a female apparel and home goods brand ­– grounded on giveback within local and global communities, she took on the exciting responsibility of building their first CRM technical stack and launching a strategic communication plan, including a soon to be loyalty program across their multi-brand business.  The pandemic has not slowed her team nor partners down.  She believes CRM is more of a necessity now than ever before – customer relationship and the data ecosystem across channels will continue to be the core of off / online marketing for the long-haul.  Consumers are only going to become more demanding in their desires for relevant, personalized and timely communications as to where and when they want to engage – a demand for CRM, customer data and AI to interconnect is not going away!

Joe Westlake

Marketing Manager, JustPark 

Joe is Marketing Manager at London-based parking technology and mobility scale-up, JustPark. He has grown the CRM function from the ground up and continues to focus on customer acquisition, onboarding and retention.

Jamie O'Gorman

VP of Client Services, Exponea

Jamie focuses on assisting Exponea clients on how to get the most value out of the platform. Jamie has over 10 years’ experience working on the client side of e-commerce, working with 3M, Studio Moderna, Stilago, and more recently, Missguided. 

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