What is a Customer
Data Platform?

The Definitive Guide to CDPs


A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a type of software that creates persistent, unified records of all your customers. 

What will you learn?

History of CDPs, differences between CDPs and how to improve customer lifetime value and foster customer loyalty.

Exponea has an industry‑leading CDP, made even more powerful by user‑centric analytics, predictions, recommendations and marketing automation layers.


What are some of the highlights?

  • Why your customer data so important
  • How to use a customer data platform including key use cases
  • How to choose the right CDP for your company
  • Key differentiators of Exponea

Meet the author

Jordan Torpy

Jordan works closely with the content team and Exponea experts to create material that brings value to readers. With a background in teaching, training, and marketing, Jordan uses case studies, presentations, newsletters and more to illustrate what's possible in the martech world today.

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