Jinja in Practice

Python-based Jinja is a powerful tool that enables you to add complex personalization to your content. Upon the completion of this course, you will understand how to use Jinja to add impressive personalization to your very own campaigns.

Live interactive webinars


Practical exercises


3 weeks


2 hours/week

Course Outline

Week 1 
Session 1 - Why jinja, Personalisation Wizard, Outputting Expressions
Session 2 - Working with Data Types
Week 2
Session 3 - Statements and Comments
Q&A Session
Week 3
Exam Placeholder

The instructor releases the exam.

Exam Evaluation

The session is devoted to the evaluation of your tests. After successful completion of the exam you will be qualified for Exponea Certificate. 

Expert Instructor

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Tomas Sucha

Product Specialist / Academy Technical Tutor 


“During the course I learned how to establish a fully personalized customer experience using Jinja, which ranges from e-mail marketing to on-site communication. They [Exponea] really teach you how to use Jinja coding in an easy and understandable manner.

- My Jewellery / CRO Coordinator 

"The course consisted of a small group of participant and received  Tomas's full attention. I also appreciate the tutor's attitude, preparation for course and teaching materials."

- Artgeist, Frontend Developer

"Despite not having much prior experience, it was practical and the  tutor was very helpful."

- Websupport / performance marketer


1 attendee

1 000 €

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3 attendees

2 500 €

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5 attendees

3 700 €

Save 26%!

10 attendees

5 700 €

Save 43%!

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Lessons in English

Meets on Wednesdays and Fridays

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