GDPR Best Practices

Exponea GDPR Best Practices aims to change perspectives around Data Protection Law. Following data best practices can create opportunities to improve customer loyalty. Join us and learn what's possible.

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Course Outline

Week 1 
GDPR basics - on-demand materials

To introduce you to the course, we outline the need to know aspects of the GDPR, busting any GDPR worries you have. At the end of this section you will know what the mission of the GDPR is and how to consider campaigns with data protection law as a design element. 

The lessons will cover: 

  • What is GDPR? 
  • What are the fundamental principles of the regulation? 
  • What responsibilities do you have under GDPR? 
  • How should GDPR be included in the design of campaigns? 
  • What are ‘appropriate security and organizational measures’? 
Principles of Data Protection - on-demand materials
After you have an understanding of what the GDPR sets out to achieve, the next section will address the principles that data protection law introduces. This will be the backbone of creating GDPR compliant, yet engaging and creative, campaigns. 
The lessons will cover: 
  • What is personal data? 
  • What is a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and how do you carry one out?
  • What is data minimisation? 
  • What are the rights individuals have under GDPR?
  • Carrying out a SAR (Subject Access Request)/data request
  • The legal bases you can process data under
Week 2
The customer journey - on-demand materials
Following the principles learned in GDPR basics and GDPR principles, we now put this knowledge to practice. In this section we introduce several use cases that align with a real customer journey through your website.  
The lessons will cover: 
  • How to gain consent to track cookies
  • Zero party data: How to ensure customer trust when providing their data
  • Building basic and more unique compliant scenarios 
  • Creating web layers utilizing data provided to you 
  • Gaining new customers compliantly 
  • Other actionable GDPR use cases 
Live Q&A + exam release
We don’t deny that GDPR is a complicated regulation, so we provide extra assistance to help you understand the subject. 
While Exponea GDPR Best Practices is not a qualifying GDPR certification, the pre-recorded sessions are supplemented with engagement from one of our Compliance and Privacy Law Specialists who holds a CIPP/E qualification. 
Live sessions include: 
  • A contextual live session and Q&A on a relevant Privacy or Data Protection Law topic. (60 minutes)
  • Previous sessions have included the compliant use of location and tracking data in response to the use of COVID-19 Contact Tracing applications. 
Week 3
Live Exam Evaluation

A 60-minute live Q&A session plus an introduction to the final exam. 

Expert Instructor

0 (1)

Annabel Pemberton

LLB, CIPP/E, Dep. DPO at Exponea | Legal Tech Podcast Host


"It was an interactive experience and I liked the way it  combined theory with practice."

- Sportisimo / CRM marketing specialist,

"The course can also be useful for people who are not working with Exponea as I got a much better understanding of what GDPR is and how to approach it."

-  Lux Express / Digital Marketing Manager

"A course like this gives users a better understanding of how a company can actually safeguard itself & its users"

- Digital Services Holding LTD / Senior CRM Manager 

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