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Email remains a key communication tool for retailers, marketers and ecommerce leaders. Unlike other channels, emails offer highly engaging, visual communication with an effective conversion rate. In 2020, however, emailing presents challenges as well as opportunities. Join us and learn how to get the most out of your emails.

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Course Outline

Week 1 
Session 1 - Email Deliverability 101

This lesson discusses the deliverability challenges faced by senders. At the end of this segment, you will know how to “play by the rules” set by the ISPs and mailbox providers and thus ensure that your email channel remains open and accessible to as many people as possible.

The lesson will cover:
● The main objectives of deliverability
● Explanation of the ruthlessness of the ISPs in 2020
● How ISPs measure you as a sender
● Why your reputation should be your primary focus as an email sender
● How to understand the health of your email list
● How to segment email frequency to prevent deliverability issues
● A checklist of “what to do and what not to do”

Session 2 - Email Deliverability Clinic
Following the theory set up in Deliverability 101, this lesson offers each participant a unique chance to discuss their project-specific questions and email-related opportunities.
In order to enable our tutor to begin his preparation prior to the live session, you will be requested to submit your deliverability queries/topics in advance via a dedicated form that will be made available to you upon your course enrollment. During the dedicated 2-hour clinic, you will receive real-time consulting and space to follow up on your original requests.
Example topics that may be discussed:
● Email sign-ups - how to prevent spam traps and troublesome email addresses from being added to your list
● API Email Validations for all of your sign-up sources
● Methodology for checking the hygiene of your current email list
● Managing suppressions
● Identifying when “email fatigue” has set in and strategies for rectifying it
● Frequency management in Exponea (use cases)
● Managing peak sending times (e.g. Black Friday and industry-specific spikes)
Week 2
Session 3 - A/B Testing Best Practices
Although many email marketers see the commercial benefits of testing email variants, very few end up executing effective A/B testing strategies. After this lesson, you will walk away with a clear understanding of what effective testing can bring to your project, along with recommendations of what to test (including concrete
testing plans to help you immediately begin your new testing activities).
The lesson will cover:
● Understanding the funnel activity of email marketing
● What to test to improve open rates (based on proven real client examples)
● What to test to increase click activity (based on proven real client examples)
● What to test to increase conversions (based on proven real client examples)
● How to build, implement and manage results/outputs of a testing plan
● How it works in Exponea
Session 4 - Optimising Scenarios and Marketing Automations

Automated scenarios outperform newsletter sending in terms of opens, clicks and final conversion. They work in the background, silently generating revenue. In this lesson, you will learn how to get more out of these scenarios.

The lesson will cover:
● What’s the right number of scenarios for a retailer? 
● How to turn a welcome program into one of your biggest revenue-generating channels
● How to drive even more revenue from your abandoned basket scenario
● How to use data to inform your scenarios
● Other revenue-generating programs and how to optimise them
● Completion of a prioritisation matrix and identification of quick wins and other leading initiatives

Week 3
Exponea Focused Practical

Time to get practical! Learn how to easily transform the course theory into practice with Exponea and other tools. 

The lesson will cover:

  • Tools to manage deliverability and campaign performance 
  • Tools to improve email design and content  
  • Q&A
  • What's new in emailing in 2020 and future trends 

Expert Instructor


Gavin Sherry

Senior Deliverability & Strategic Consultant


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