Building upon the basics established in our Fundamentals, join us for a learning journey that takes you from asking the right business questions about customer data to implementing specific revenue-generating use-cases. 

Live interactive webinars


Exponea exercises


4 weeks


3 hours/week

Course Outline

Week 1 
Session 1 - Lesson 1 - Data into revenue in Exponea
Session 2 - Data architecture deep-dive, running aggregates, expressions
Week 2
Session 3 - Using the Single Customer View to execute user-based analytics
Session 4 - Using webhooks to connect other systems (call centre,Slack)
Week 3
Session 5 - Segmenting events into custom groups
Session 6 - Monitoring user-behaviour through Dashboard 2.0
Week 4
Session 7 - Product catalogue design and analysis
Session 8 - Customer lifetime management with SMS and time analytics

Authors & Instructors


Peter Jakus

VP of Industry & Market Insights | Speaker | Consultant

Marianna Sagatova

Customer Analytics Consultant


"Advanced Academy was an exquisite experience. It taught me a lot about scenarios building and provided with a complete look on our data in CRMHighly recommend!"

- Blue Style / Senior Online Marketing Specialist

"The use of inspiring real life examples - specifically campaign scenarios - made it easy for me to execute course content in our own project" 

- Casual Dining Group, CRM and Loyalty Executive

"The last couple of sessions focused on advanced analytics, lead-scoring and No. of days from 1st to 2nd purchase for instance, were useful in particular. I also liked the course interaction and visual materials."

- Unisport, Global CRM Manager


1 attendee

1 200 €

No savings.

3 attendees

3 000 €

Save 17%!

5 attendees

4 440 €

Save 26%!

10 attendees

6 840 €

Save 43%!

Upcoming Classes

Starts on July 29

Ends on Aug 21

Lessons in English

Meets on Mondays and Thursdays

2:00-3:30 PM London time

Starts on Sept 23

Ends on Oct 16

Lessons in English

Meets on Mondays and Thursdays

2:00-3:30 PM London time

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